Zeus’ Battlegrounds Gameplay Battle Royale Review

The battle royale genre is the dominating gaming genre right now.

More and more games are coming out trying to either compete with Fortnite and the other big battle royale games, or just to take part of this whole trend.

Everyone is trying to come up with unique idea in order to stand out and also to get some audience from the certain theme.

Here we gonna talk about Zeus’ Battlegrounds, which is a battle royale game with a greece mythical theme.

When i saw this game the first thing that came to my mind is that it kind a reminds me of Smite, mythical gods are trying to kill each other.

Features of Zeus’ Battlegrounds

One of the most important aspects of battle royale game are the features of it, things like armor, vehicles, weapons, modes etc.

One of the things that we’re interesting to me was the fact that this game has mounts, you can ride a horse.

I always liked the idea of a battle royale game to be having some kind of vehicle or way to travel faster, i’m not the biggest fan of walking through the map.

The games will be able to contain 100+ players which is kind a standart.

Most likely the game with offer both solo and squad/team mode.

Another awesome feature will be the customizable characters.

Overall the game looks like it’s gonna be very cool especially if you’re a fan of the mythical god’s theme

When it’s Zeus’ Battlegrounds Release Date?

The only information i managed to find is that it will be in August.