Would the PS3 be able to run Fortnite?

So many people are wondering will PS3 be able to run Fortnite, here are some answers about that:

  • Yes, something like an iPhone 6 is able to keep up with an Xbox 360, and an iPhone 6 is able to run fortnite after some tweaks, so a PS3 is fully capable of running fortnite.
  • Judging by the system requirements for Fortnite, it should be able to run it. The Xbox One can run it pretty easily. Although the render distance will have to be greatly reduced. Even if it would run, there is no point releasing it for a dead console.

  • Ignoring the Fact that the engine isn’t compatible with the software, No. Due to the consoles Limitations in its graphics and CPU, it would not be able to handle the gameplay. And even if by some miracle it did, The game quality would be one step above playing DOOM on a Calculator, and The FPS would be equivalent to that of a slide-show. If I were you, I would Invest in a Cheap PC and Play Fortnite in 1080p while waiting for Rainbow Six Siege to Install.
  • The PS3 is really old To understand, its not just as simple as a turn down graphics button. The Unreal Engine 4 is not made for ps3. It would require a entire new engine, which would be incredibly costly to the company

  • Unfortunately, the game is currently only available for PC, PS4, iOS and Xbox One, and will likely never come to the PS3. This is because these older systems do not support Unreal Engine 4  the engine that Fortnite runs on