Trail Breaking Walkthrough Review PC Game

Trail Breaking is pretty unusual game because it’s mostly focused on the graphics aspects.

The graphics in Trail Breaking are more than impressive and thanks to that the game is getting some decent attention.

I don’t know if the game was built trough some pre-made visual libraries but the visual aspects look more than impressive.

A lot of people are making walkthrough videos of the game, because it’s so enjoyable to watch someone walking around this awesome inverement.

When you switch from one inverement to another the game has loading screen and it feels like you’re playing different games.

In the moment when you enter different area it’s very different and i really appreciate the diversity.

This is a game that has big potential for VR because of it’s nature.

In 2018 a lot of games got attention because of the same reason Trail Breaking is, just a simple game with amazing graphics.

I really appreciate the simplicity of a game and i think this is one of the keys for a successful game these days.

A lot of game studios are putting huge efforts on creating very complicated games that at the end just confuse the players and turn them off.

One of my favorite parts in trail breaking is the waterfall part when you gotta climb down trough the rocks, a little spoil be aware some of the rocks are breaking and you can fall.

You have two bars one is for the health and the other is for energy a little bit like health and mana in other games.

This is a game in which i see a lot of potential especially if they add maybe some NPC’s around.

So this is all about Trial breaking it is an awesome game in my opinion go check it out and i hope you have fun time playing it.