The Misfits Battle Royale Gameplay Review

The Misfits is a battle royale game that just came out on Steam and it was free so i didn’t hesitated much about downloading and installing it.

The Misfits obviously has very Fortnite looking style when it comes to the graphics even though the level of details is not even close, they are aiming for the same cartoonish style of the visuals.

The sounds we’re pretty bad to be honest, especialy the shooting, it was very noisy and annoying sound and it’s becoming really bad when you have 5 people shooting at the same time.

One of the the things that i really liked about the game was the variety of the weapons. The one that i like the most was the machine-gun, this was a weapon that i really wished to see in a battle royale game.

Some objects in a game are pretty responsive some aren’t. What i mean by that is for example some glass is breakable which is great detail but at the same time when i shoot the helicopters in the game it doesn’t have any damage reaction.

The is also good variety of maps which is something that will help the game be more interesting in the long term.

Cool feature of the game is that you can customize your character and you also have even emotes.

The battle royale genre is one that people are wondering when it will slow down or die, but this doesn’t seem to be happening soon with more and more games like The Misfits coming out, weather it is from big companies or from small indie developers.

One of the most important thing in battle royales or any FPS is the simplicity and it’s not so much about how many features you have in the game but how smooth does the gameplay feels.