Stonehearth How To Play Multiplayer Online

Stonehearth is a game that just came out and immediately gathered attention around itself

It is a strategy game that is in some ways similar to Black & White.

In Stonehearth you can pick different terrain, different race and place where to settle/start on the map.

When the game was released the singleplayer mode was available, but the multiplayer wasn’t.

So here we gonna talk about how to play Stonehearth multiplayer with your friends.

So, how to play Stonehearth multiplayer?

The first tip that i hear is that it’s important the person with the best internet and best upload speed to be the host of the multiplayer game.

So the person who hosts the game should pick difficulty and all the other specific required for a game and then should start it.

Now the way you join the party is by adding the person on Steam and then right click and join the game.

If the feature is not available you should check your steam permission.

Finally when you do all those things you will be taken to the selection screen where you will be able to pick your race, customize and choose all the others stuff you need.

You will see a big white light above the place where the other player has already start building, in case you wanna build city together.

You can trade goods with the towns of the other players and also send military to help them when they are being attacked.

You can also use pings to point out some event or place to the other players

The game is amazing and it has big potential, me personally i’m a big fan of 8-bit blocky style of graphics so this is a big plus to me.

Many times has been proven that it’s not the complicated graphics that make a game successful and interesting, it is the idea of the game.

Now it’s worth saying that Stonehearth isn’t the most beginner friendly game and when you start you may be confused about what you should do.

It’s a great the if you wanna play together with your friends and it’s a game that in a way reminds me also of Trolls vs Elves from Warcraft 3.

Whats the price and how to download Stonehearth for free?

Currently the price of the game is 16,79€ which is a fair price for such complex game.

And there is no way you can play it for free.

When was Stonehearth release date?

The release date was 25 Jul, 2018

What are the PC requirements for Stonehearth?

Those are the minimal requirements for the game:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual-Core, 1.7 GHz+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GT 430 512MB, Radeon HD 7570M, Intel HD 4000
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: OS Updates: Windows 7 SP1

Stonehearth Multiplayer Video Tutorial:

In this video you can find full explanations on how to play Stonehearth multiplayer with your friends or other people.
Also check out some gameplay videos of the game it’s very addictive