Never Split The Party Gameplay (Free Multiplayer Online Game)

A new interesting genre started to gain popularity the last years and that is the 2D adventure type of games.

The game that opened the niche was The Binding of Isaac that became a hit even though i never really enjoyed it playing it much.

This style of games doesn’t fall under some specific category but the conception is this:

You have a character and you move through different rooms, where you can find loot and monsters that you need to fight or avoid.

The things you can loot can be health regenerating and also can be something that improves or changes your way of shooting.

At some point you fight a boss and in The Binding of Isaac the story line was pretty well build.

Now the reason why i talk so much about The Binding of Isaac when this is a article about Never Split The Party is because of their obvious similarities.

The main thing that is making Never Split The Party unique is the multiplayer coop aspect that allows you to play with friends.

The main idea of the game obviously from the name is to stick together as much as possible, because if you go to clear some room alone you are very likely to die.

The number gain and the grouping is the main tip in this game, the more you are the easier it will be to take care of the mobs.

In Never Split The Party you have both health and armor units in your bar.

There are 425 unique dungeon rooms that actually doesn’t seem like that much for such type of game.

There are also 120 devastating abilities and artifacts in the game.

One of the most awesome and unique things about Never Split The Party is that there are classes.

How To Download Never Split The Party For Free?

The game is available on Steam and it’s Free.

Never Split The Party Gameplay & Walkthrough