Is It Safe To Play Nintendo Switch While Charging

Is it okay to play nintendo switch while it is charging, this is a question that many people are asking and here are some of the answers that i managed to find:

  • Yes absolutely, it is even charging while you play it in front of the tv after all.
    I actually even been charging it from a powerbank from time to time when I been traveling and wanted to extend my play sessions for longer periods of time in portable mode.
  • Yes, Yes it is. Fun (really isnt) fact: When the Switch is in the dock it is charging, even when you play on the TV.
  • Yes it is perfectly safe. When the Switch is in its dock, it is charging, that is perfectly safe.If it were unsafe to play while charging, it would be illegal to sell, or at least would have many warnings on the box, to avoid consumer activist groups.

  • Of course! It’s like being on your laptop or phone while its charging. No need to worry.
  • Yes it is completely safe, just don’t let it overheat.