Insurgency Sandstorm Character Customization Tutorial

From what I’ve seen so far from Insurgency Sandstorm it is jaw dropping, the realism of the game is something that makes it very desirable to play.

The realism is something very important when it comes to FPS games and here we gonna talk about the customization of the character.

It’s impressive the variety of things you can customize about your character when you create it.

You can change the headgear, you can change the eyewear also hands, torso, legs, feet and camo and the overall character.

Every one of those parts of the character has itself big variety of customization, for example when you start customizing the whole character you get to choose things like hair, facial hair, hair color and even the voice.

Insurgency Sandstorm is obviously a game paying a lot of attention to the details.

The customization of a character in a game is something that has been proven to be very beneficial detail in a game, for example in SIMS the customization of the character is huge part of the whole fun of the game, sure in Insurgency Sandstorm the focus isn’t that much on the customization but it’s still pretty impressive.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to play the game myself but I’ve gathered my experience from the gameplays that I’ve watched on youtube that strongly are pushing me in to buying the game.

The game also offers big variety of weapons that is of course fundamental for FPS game.

The release of the game is set to be 18 september 2018 but the game is now open for pre-purchase.

Insurgency Sandstorm will probably be the biggest game coming out in september this year and that’s having in mind that this month will be pretty strong when it comes to the releasing of new big games.