How To Start A Fire Green Hell Guide (Hand Drill + Birds Nest)

One of the first challenges you’ll face in Green Hell is how to make a fire which can be quite hard for some people that are just starting the game, here we gonna discuss how exactly to set and start the fire in Green Hell.

1. Create Fire Camp

Here are the steps to create a fire camp:

First you place the fire camp wherever you want, a good place will be a cave or something that will protect it from eventual raining.

Then the second thing is to gather resources to complete the fire camp, for this you’ll need few sticks, not small sticks and not long sticks, only sticks. I believe you need around 7-8 sticks to complete the camp fire.

2. Hand Drill

What you’ll need to start the fire is something called Hand Drill, you’ll find it in your notes.

The Hand Drill also needs to be created just like the camp fire, the resources needed for the drill are only one stick + one small stick.

If you are completely beginner and you don’t know how to get sticks, you can either find them on the ground randomly, or find a machete and get them from cutting down trees and bushes.

3. Something Dry (Leafs Or Bird Nest)

When you finish the creation of the hand drill it is not completely ready to use, to use the drill you’ll need something dry and this is the trickiest part of the whole process.

You either need a dry leaf or a Birds Nest. Most people start looking for the nest but i personally looked a lot for it and i just couldn’t manage to find such anywhere.

The easier approach is to get dry leafs, the way to do that is by looking at the tree leafs and see if there are some brown leafs, if there are such, chop the tree down with machete, then gather just the ones that say dry leafs.

4. Start The Fire

Now it’s time for the last part which is combining all those 3 elements and actually starting the fire.

For this what you’ll need is to place the hand drill close to the fire camp, then click on use, after that the tricky part is that you gotta place the dry leafs or birds nest whoever of both you got, under the hand drill.

When you do that you’ll be able to flame the dry material and then you will be able to move it to the fire camp.


The fire is one of the most important elements in the game especially when it comes to cooking, in Green Hell you can very easily get poisoning.

I’ve been playing the game a lot today I’ve spend more hours than i wanna admit and a lot of them were spend trying to figure out how to craft different things. I spent around 10 minutes trying to find birds nest until at the end i just gave up and got some dry leafs instead that also were able to do the job.

The timing of the release of Green Hell was interesting because exactly at the same time came out one of the biggest survival crafting game for this year Scum.

I’m just hoping that more and more quality survival games like those are coming in the future, because not only that they are fun but the knowledge in them can be actually useful in real life.

I’m currently very curious in learning more about nutrients and a game like that is exactly making the learning of the effect of nutrients pretty enjoyable and easy so definitely check it out.