How To Download Fractured Lands Battle Royale For Free?

Without any doubt 2017 was the year of battle royale games, now 2018 seems to follow the same path and the latest example for that is Fractured Lands that is a battle royale with post-apocalyptic theme and also has a lot of Mad Max in it’s theme. Let’s get in to the important part which is how to download & play Fractured Lands for free.

The first way is to sign up for the Beta Tester through their official website here’s more info on that.

The second way is to wait for the official release because there are rumours that there may be demo or free trial.

I’ve been looking the reviews of some people that have managed to play the game on Twitch or Youtube and the feedback was pretty mixed.

Positive Aspects of Fractured Lands:

The main thing that is a big plus in this game is the theme and the amazing graphics. There are many people who are fans of this theme and the movie Mad Max which obviously played big role in the creation of the environment.

The main gamer that played the game the most is a youtuber/twitcher called Shroud who was very patiently while playing the game and even when the game was pretty frustrating at times he remain calm and gave his neutral review of the game.

The vehicles in the are very well made and are very cool to drive, some of them have some kind of spikes in front that makes them even deadlier.

The graphics seems to be very well made and it’s obvious that the creators have really put effort in every detail

Negative Aspects of Fractured Lands:

I heard a lot of complaining about the movement and also the fact that the game is kind of a one shot type of game with some of the weapons, snipers especially.

Also something that i can count as negativity is just the fact that the game is paid. Maybe to some point we got spoiled by Fortnite that is completely free but it just feels weird to pay money for a battle royale game, having in mind how many others well made battle royales there are that are free.

From what i saw the game is obviously very glitchy but of course we shouldn’t be very critical of the game since it’s still in beta testing period.

Fractured Lands Gameplay Videos:

As i said the person who made the most videos on the game is a person with the nickname Shroud so in this part of the article we’ll take a look at some of his gameplay review moments.

Realistic Battle Royales vs Cartoonish Battle Royales:

Since Fortnite became a total hit and the main battle royale game surpassing PUBG, there has been the debate about is it better a game like that to have more realistic graphics like PUBG or more cartoonish graphics like Fortnite.

When it comes to this it’s all about opinion, but we gotta say that Fractured Lands is a game that has very realistic type of graphics even though a lot of times the glitches in the game may make you seriously doubt this realism.

Fractured Lands Release Date:

The only information that i manage to find on this topic was: Summer 2018 probably end of July beginning of August


Overall the game seems to be very promising and i personally can’t wait for it to come out officially.

I just hope that the price won’t be too high.