Fortnite CHALLENGES Guide Week 2 Season 5

Fortnite is not only a game but THE game right now and it’s dominating completely, one of the reasons for that is the ability of the game to change, adapt and come up with new things.

Right now the thing that Frotnite is doing in order to keep it’s audience excited is challenges, every week and every season the challenges are different.

The challenges are different, from killing certain amount of enemies with certain weapons, through opening chests in some area to some silly ones like score a basket.

The reward for the challenges are the so called Battle Stars, so BS is shorten for Battle Stars.

Let’s take a look at the 7 challenges of Fortnite season five:

#1 Deal 100 damage with Assault Rifles – 5 BS

#2 Search through 7 ammo boxes in one match – 5 BS

#3 Kill 3 enemies in Paradise Pals – 10 BS

#4 Score a basket 5 times on different hoops – 5BS

#5 Search 7 chests in the Loot Lake

#6 Search between the areas rock archway, oasis & dinosaurs – 10 BS

#7 Make 2 eliminations with Sniper Rifle – 10BS

In 2018 Fortnite showed that they will put a lot of effort in always adding new things to the game and the weirdest one was when they added Thanos in the game.

Other marginal changes that we’re made we’re in the map when they made huge krater in the center of the map.

Of course Fortnite is also coming out with new weapons, skins and even dances.

They made a dancing competition in which the best dances we’re added in the game.