Cuisine Royale Multiplayer How To Play With A Friend Party

The invite party feature is currently not available but i’m going to give you a trick on how to actually play with your friend in Cuisine Royale.

The way to do it is by clicking quick game at the exact same moment, then you will be given a preview of the names of the people that are in the current game.

See if the name of your friend is there, if it is, just wait for the game to start, if it’s not both of you quit the match and try it again.

When the game starts you won’t be able to see each other on the map so the way to find each other is this and it may SOUNDS silly but:

Open the map and just orientate yourselves with something that is near your, like a lake, river or a building, also it’s good to tell to your friend what color are the shorts of your hero, this way he will know to not shoot you, cause every player has unique shorts.

Cuisine Royale is suprisingly good and so far is getting momentum pretty fast.

This to a big part is because of the many streamers and youtubers that are playing the game in front of their audience.

Some people are asking how will the game compete with Fortnite, but i feel like that’s not the goal of the game.

The game is currently free but it will probably go paid at 25 of june 2018.

I personally don’t find it as good idea for them to make it paid, cause of their main competition is free, i’m talking about Fortnite of course.

The graphics of the game are pretty impressive i gotta say, especially if you’re playing on maximum settings, you will be pretty impressed by the details.

Details like, when you hit some furniture many times it breaks, same thing with doors.