Cuisine Royale Multiplayer Duo Party With A Friend

This is our first video in which we played together as a team in Cuisine Royale, we almost won the game and the reason for not winning it was absolutely rediculous.

The server crashed right before the end, the circle was shrinked to almost absolute maximum and then we saw the banner saying that the server is off.

Some people are saying that we may get banned from the game for teaming up, but the truth is that this is a game the type of game for which is fundamental to have party option so until they create one we will simply team up.

We really wanted to find a vehicle, this is an awesome feature in this game and it’s something i really wished they made in fortnite but they don’t have it there.

The armor in Cuisine Royale may be looking pretty silly but actually this is the battle royale for which the armor has most power i mean the difference between having armor and not is huge.

My favourite weapon in the game is actually the axe especially if i manage to get pink axe which is probably epic.

The cool thing about the axe is that it one shots the opponent if he doesn’t have armor especially helmet and if you like to camp in house, the axe is probably the best weapon for you in this game.

Everyone is talking how the battle royale genre will die eventually but more and more game from this genre seems to come out and a lot more are not expected in 2018.

Cuisine Royale is currently free but the creators are saying that they will probably make it paid after few days, but they said “probably” so it’s not 100% sure.

I hope you enjoy my gameplay video of Cuisine Royale i have a lot other let’s play videos on my channel so you can check them out too also if you’re a fan of battle royale games i have Fortnite content too.