Cuisine Royale Multiplayer Duo Party Invite Gameplay

About the multiplayer and duo feature in Cuisine Royale, it’s pretty tricky and now i’ll explain you how to play with a friend in this game.

So currently the party option is not available in the game so i have figured out an alternative method.

  1. What you need to do is simply click Quick Match at the exact same moment as your friends do and you will be joined in the same game.
  2. The second step is to find each other on the map using the map to orientate.

This is unfortunately the only way right now or at least until they make the party feature which is one of the most important ones in a game from such genre.

Be aware that the friendly fire is still on so in case you’re using this metod you gotta be very careful not to shoot your teammate.

Good way to recognize your teammate is to remember the color of their shorts cause almost everyone has different shorts skin.

Cuisine Royale is the latest Battle Royale game, it was uploaded to steam yesterday on 16.06.2018

The game is currently Free but soon it won’t be and it will have a price which is something many people are negative about.

It’s strange that when the main battle royale game is free, Cuisine Royale decides to complete with Fortnite while being paid, but we’ll see how this business move goes.

The game has pretty impressive graphics and something that immediately stands out is that the graphic doesn’t look cartoonish and like they are made for kids but t’s very realistic.

Awesome feature of the game is that you can drive a vehicle which is something that doesn’t exists in Fortnite.

The developers say that the game will be free until 25.06.2018 and they state that they will “probably” make it paid after that.

Another feature that makes the game stand out is the bunkers with static guns in it, they have infinity ammos and obviously while you’re in the bunker you’re much harder to kill.