Battlerite Royale Trailer & Gameplay Released

The Battlerite Royale is something that people got a bit tired of waiting for. The long waiting is also bringing more & more expectations with the wonder: “what’s taking them so long?”

Today it was released the trailer of the game with the first gameplay footage in it:


As i said, because it took them so long the expectations where pretty high for Battlerite Royale and of course we cannot judge completely just from a trailer and some basic gameplay footage, but we can see some of the fundamentals.

Moba style Battle Royale

One of the big questions were, will the game remain the same top camera angle style format or will it change to FPS in the Battlerite Royale.

Well if this is a real footage from Battlerite Royale in the video it’s evident that it will be top camera view and not only that but there won’t be much of a difference from the standart Battlerite.

One of the big questions is wouldn’t it be weird to play moba style battle royale. Not that this is the first such, but still.

When it was announced that this will be completely separated game, i had the expectations that it may be also completely different game and being FPS or something more similar to Fortnite.

Honestly, what i personally think about it from the footage is that it looks like the same game but with modified abilities and a bigger map.

Even the shrinking circle was something that was in the Battlerite arena.

Will Battlerite Royale kill Battlerite?

It has became a meme, this whole thing with “Battlerite is dead” or “Battlerite is dying” there’s plenty of videos and articles on this subject, but even though the game was on a downswing, it wasn’t really right to talk about the game being “dead” since still having pretty decent community.

Now after the release of Battlerite Royale AS A SEPARATE GAME, this actually brings the question, will the original Battlerite game actually die.

We can only guess about that but a big factor will be, to what point Battlerite Royale will be good or bad, because if it’s really good, than the scenario of completely shadowing the original Battlerite game is pretty realistic.

Also we gotta acknowledge the chance of Battlerite Royale success to be actually a positive thing for the original game, with bringing more and new audience to it, but this scenario is less likely.

Interesting details in Battlerite Royale

First thing that i noticed from the gameplay video was the thing that was dropping the champions from the sky.

I have 0 clue how to call this creature but it’s like a combination of dog, wolf, dragon also having wings.. and people were saying that the idea of flying bus is weird.

Just like in other battle royale games in this also seems to be gathering look and dropping it the moment you die judging by the moment in the video where Ashka gets killed by Destiny.

Battlerite Royale Loadouts & Builds

To a big point it’s important will there be the loadout conception in Battlerite Royale and if it does, will the same builds be relevant in Battlerite Royale too.