Battle Royale Simulator Game Review + Walkthrough

There are now probably hundreds of battle royale games, but today i found something that wasn’t like the others.

Battle Royale Simulator .. and at first i was like: well, all battle royales are simulators itself, but then i saw the gameplay and i realized what is it about.

In Battle Royale Simulator you simply control almost everything that is happening on the battleground, but not as individual first person, but from top perspective.

The first thing that you do is spawn the units that are battling just like in a normal battle royale.

From there you can control many things in the game, for example, you set the area of the shrinking circle.

Another thing that you control is the dropping of the crates in the game, just like in most battle royales in this also there is falling boxes full of goods, that usually fall in random locations, but in this case you control the locations.

During the whole game you have a monitoring of how many players are left alive.

A very interesting part of the game is that you can see different metrics related to the individual player, metrics such as:

  1. Violance
  2. Ransacker
  3. Camper
  4. Medicinal

Every individual unit on the battleground has it’s own individual stats.

With every shrink of the circle you control where the new circle should be spawned.

Through the whole game you can see what all players are doing, and manipulating the game by dropping crates in locations that may make some camper go out and confront with the other players.

Overall the game looks great i was very interested to see such original concept, many people are trying to recreate the same battle royales like Fortnite and PUBG, so it’s cool to see something so different and innovative, so if you are fan of the genre definitely check it out.